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Phoebe is highly intuitive and articulate. She provided me with honest and healing insights, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a reading with her during my time of grief. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to communicate with their beloved animals and learning about themselves in the process...NEAL CONWAY

Almost 24-hrs later……still stunned with the accuracy of the session. Folks, Phoebe hit the bullseye with my reading…emotions that were hitting me were appreciated beyond belief…I will be contacting her again soon for additional readings of my pets that are still with me so that I can hopefully gain some insight that I WISH I had done with my recently deceased pet…DONALD R. LAWTON

My reading with Phoebe could not have been more touching and meaningful… I was stunned …The specificity of the reading was deeply resonant, and it created a profound emotional and psychological shift within me about the unconscious ways I affect those around me…KYLE MARTIN

I am interested in relationships.  I work with humans and their animals, both living and passed, for the purpose of connecting them to each other and for the purpose of illuminating the lessons the animals in our lives are teaching us.

Most of us are not acquainted with the souls of animals, their intelligence, their wisdom, their humor and their depth.  Our culture places humans at the highest level of living beings, but I know that’s not true.  Animals are enlightened and here to teach us.  Their behavior contains valuable clues, which, if interpreted thoughtfully, can profoundly change the way we relate to the world we live in…PHOEBE HOFFMAN

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I enjoy everything about Phoebe Hoffman. From the incredible intensity of her voice to her passion for animal welfare to her (almost) eerie ability to intuitively understand the soul level drivers in people and in their animals instantaneously. Phoebe is a well-read person and her love of the English language is always apparent in her intuitive delivery which serves to heighten the excitement and depth in her readings...DANIELLE MACKINNON

    Phoebe and Danielle