I was deeply moved by Phoebe’s reading of my pup, Gemma. Gemma recently suffered a horrible accident which resulted in her jaw being removed, so I wanted to find an animal communicator to check-in with her. I have taken an animal communication class in the past, so I wanted to find someone who was very intuitive and caring. I perused Danielle MacKinnon’s list of “Certified Soul Level Animal Communicators” and when I came across Phoebe’s name my instinct told me to stop. When I read Phoebe’s bio it brought tears to my eyes and I knew that I had found someone very special. 

Within the first couple of minutes into the session I was quite honestly blown away at how deeply Phoebe connected with both me and Gemma. Phoebe was spot on about Gemma and I felt like my life was passing before my eyes!

My first session with Phoebe was so wonderful that I immediately booked a second session. During the second session Phoebe connected with my beloved Martha, who has passed. Phoebe immediately knew that Martha had a rough life before coming into my life and Phoebe also figured out my “Soul Lesson” from Martha. This was profound and so meaningful for me and I am thankful for Phoebe and her gift!

Chatting with Phoebe is very comfortable and feels like conversing with an old friend. Phoebe is immensely gifted, kind, sensitive and truly caring. I cannot recommend Phoebe enough! She is a blessing to both human and animal-kind!”

Leslee McClellan, Duxbury, Ma


Review (on a five star scale, I give Phoebe ten):

I have engaged Phoebe multiple times about my newly-adopted shelter dog. Milo is a four year old jack russell terrier and he is fearful (PTSD issues) and, as a result, he is sometimes aggressive. 

Phoebe is a very kind person who has a relaxing voice and a compelling positive mindset – she put me at ease immediately. She preferred to work with little prior information about Milo and she made accurate and insightful observations about Milo quickly.  It was almost if “Milo was talking to me directly”.  She identified Milo’s core emotional issues and gave me coaching tips on how to relate to him. I liked the way Phoebe explained things; she used concrete practical examples from many facets of life to illustrate the messages from Milo. 

I offer the highest recommendation for Phoebe. I will continue to consult her often.

J. Russell, author of Fox World



Thank you very much for helping me to connect with Gucci and channeling all the messages from her. 😊The whole session has been very helpful and I found the closure that I need. Not only that, you have also been so on point on all the things about me. You are truly gifted and very intuitive, I’m truly glad that I engaged you. Please continue with your work and I strongly believe you can help many of others as how you’ve helped me.

Hopefully we will connect again. 😊Thank you very much once again and do take care. 💕

Katherine Lby, Singapore


I have had the privilege to work with many highly acclaimed Animal Communicators both personally and professionally, and I can assure you that Phoebe is by far the best.  A naturally gifted psychic on all levels, Phoebe will make you question everything you thought you understood about animals, our intimate relationships with them, and the unlimited power of the human mind and spirit.  Don’t hesitate- get a reading and get ready to change your life!

Christine Hajek,

President and Founder Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Mount Airy, MD


My reading with Phoebe could not have been more touching and meaningful. I came to Phoebe concerned about our aging schnauzer, Murphy – her behavior has changed in a worrisome way over the past year or so, and I was seeking advice. Knowing nothing else other than her name was Murphy, Phoebe started describing my relationship with Murphy in very specific and nuanced ways. I was stunned. The reading went on to indicate that Murphy was actually fine unto herself, and her behavior was more of a reflection of the concern that Murphy had for us and the way that OUR behavior had changed. The specificity of the reading was deeply resonant, and it created a profound emotional and psychological shift within me about the unconscious ways I affect those around me. I’m incredibly grateful for that shift in awareness, and even better, the resulting changes in how we behave around the house seem to have Murphy feeling happier and more like her old self!

Kyle Martin, NYC


Phoebe has an incredible gift and my wonderful girl Izzy and I were the recipients of that gift yesterday. The scope of her intuition and empathy for animals and we who are lucky to have them in our lives is immense. Izzy’s thoughts about herself and her connection to me and what she’s experiencing now that she’s at the end of her life calmed me down. I’m grateful to know that I’m giving her the love she needs and grateful that I’ve been lucky to have her in my life. I’m also grateful that I met Phoebe. She has a huge heart. Recommending her does not go far enough. I feel lucky that I found her. You will feel the same, I’m sure.

Marianne Stikas, NYC


Thank you so much Phoebe!! The death of Lady has really been weighing on us and you made us feel so much better. We are healing from the whole ordeal and you helped so much with that. You’ve also helped us in confirming that this new dog is meant to be with us and we won’t be questioning that anymore. Also, thank you for reading me and giving such accurate information. There’s things I have a hard time reading about myself and you brought them to the light for me to see more clearly and understand. I appreciate it so much! And thank you for the few extra minutes, it meant a lot!!! Take care of yourself!
Thank you,

Tim Saul, Surprise, AZ


A reading with Phoebe is both touchingly sensitive and profoundly deep.  She was clearly incredibly tuned into to both me and my dog (and my other animals when she has done other readings for me, as I am a repeat client!).  She picks up things she couldn’t possibly know, handles and delivers it in a sensitive yet clear and honest way, and offers wisdom that was / is both relevant, useful and moving.  Whether you have or have not had readings before, I would highly recommend an experience with Phoebe – it is truly life-changing!

Sally Nilsson, Tilaran, C.R.


I think it was destined that I picked Phoebe to read my two dogs. I went in to the reading with an open mind and was amazed how she was able to read my two animals and more amazed about what my animals relayed back.  Phoebe read me as well, which I assumed was to understand the connection between myself and my animals. After the reading it lead me to much soul searching. This wasn’t just about my animals,  this was also how my actions affect my animals and the lessons that they are teaching me. Since my reading I take more time with them– work can wait a few minutes.
Thank you so much Phoebe for opening my eyes.

Paula Weston, Horseheads, NY


Almost 24-hrs later……still stunned with the accuracy of the session. Folks, Phoebe hit the bullseye with my reading.  I can say without hesitation that her reading of me was completely accurate, but her connection with my recently deceased pet was amazingly complete and accurate.  She knew nothing about this pet other than its name, but was able to describe him completely, and was able to convey that the pet knew things about family issues that ONLY this pet could possibly have known.  Phoebe’s ability to conduct her reading with compassion and her understanding of the tidal wave of emotions that were hitting me were appreciated beyond belief.  Needless to say I will be contacting her again soon for additional readings of my pets that are still with me so that I can hopefully gain some insight that I WISH I had done with my recently deceased pet.  Bottom line…..Phoebe is amazing and I appreciate her sharing her gift with the world. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Donald R. Lawton, Virginia


Phoebe is highly intuitive and articulate. She provided me with honest and healing insights, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a reading with her during my time of grief. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to communicate with their beloved animals and learning about themselves in the process.

Neal Conway, New Jersey


I don’t often write testimonials or recommendations, but Phoebe has been such a help to me on different levels that I feel the need to share this.
I got to know her quite some time ago on an online animal communication board and she already stood out to me as very on the ball, accurate and caringly helpful.
I contacted her last year regarding a new horse that landed in my lap and was quite taken back by how she was able to tune into me and the animal so deeply and bring issues to the surface I was kind of living in denial about.
My recent session with her was so astoundingly insightful, to the point Phoebe left me feeling she knew me better than I know myself.  I had yet another horse come to me with quite some baggage, both emotionally and physically, she needed no info, she picked up on it right away and helped me understand why he is with me, what his needs are and how they relate to mine and the issues we are dealing with.
This session gave me so much peace of mind and re-assurance that I am on the right track despite the hardship this horse and my current situation present.  She helped me with both acceptance and finding strength and motivation to continue, so I can stop the endless circle of questioning myself, but focus on the reward to come from perseverance. She not only is able to accurately word and communicate your problems, actually better than I could have explained it myself, she also cares very much about what you are going through, is compassionate and has insights and suggestions so you can move on in a lighter more positive way.
It’s funny, after my session I thought to myself, for someone to be able to connect with me so well, understand my hurdles in depth, I’d likely be spending many sessions with a mainstream therapist, yet in just one communication she was able to not only get straight to the problem, but peel away the surface of it and find out the deeper meaning and ‘why’ this horse came into my life and how to continue in a way that best serves us both.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Phoebe to help you understand yourself and your animal on a very deep level, yes at the level of the soul, why you came together and what you are here to work on.
Thank you Phoebe.
Patsy DeBel, Alpha, NJ

Phoebe is Amazing. It’s obvious she loves what she does. Her joy in helping animals & their humans progress is genuine.

I initially called Phoebe for help with my 16 year old kitty, Casey, whom I love & adore is starting to have kidney problems. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to make her happy, healthy & comfortable.

Without telling Phoebe specifics she was spot on. I felt safe & my unspoken burden was being released. I had no idea when I called her she not only would be helping my baby girl Casey but myself as well. I felt a huge relief after speaking with Phoebe that my kitty was happy!  For myself she has been like a life coach helping me heal my soul!

I have used her guidance multiple times now and will continue to. Thank you Phoebe!

Stephanie, Sacramento, CA


Less than two weeks after I adopted Pepper, a beautiful two year old female rescue tabby cat, I reached out to Phoebe.  I had already discovered Phoebe’s intriguing and beautiful website and decided to see what insights she might provide to me, so as to better understand Pepper and how I could best offer her the safe and warm home she deserves.

My session with Phoebe was extraordinary.  Her ability to sense my “outer” and “inner” being was almost eerie.  She grasped and described my essence totally.  She also had a keen sense of my home, my environment.  That initial part of the session being so right on, gave me solid ground to hear Phoebe’s insights into Pepper.

Two things in particular stand out as demonstrations of Phoebe’s ability to “read” into the connection between the souls of an animal and their human.

Phoebe told me that she “saw/sensed” Pepper and I gazing at each other.  How could she know that Pepper has enormous green eyes?  And how could she know that in the days following our session, Pepper would begin to “study” me?  I often come upon Pepper unexpectedly and find her sitting very attentively looking at me with great interest.  We exchange loving blinks and have very deep wordless conversations, as we gaze.

Phoebe also told me that she had a sense of Pepper being “under the covers” with me.  It was more than I could hope for because, as a rescue cat, Pepper demonstrated some fearful behaviors, including hiding and not liking to be picked up.  However, unbelievably, in the past few days Pepper has joined me at night and slept on my bed with me.  It is bound to continue and deepen. Phoebe sensed that before the fact.

I have nothing but praise for Phoebe’s gift as an intuitive person on the level of the soul.  But in addition to her gift, she is most articulate, warm and authentic.  I will be reaching  to Phoebe again, as my soulful wondrous journey with Pepper unfolds.

Pepper and I are very grateful.  Thank you, Phoebe.

Barbara Ellen Saturn,  New York City, NY


I contacted Phoebe because my dog, Rue, had been acting strangely for about 3 months. I was afraid something was wrong. I felt like I was losing her, if not physically, mentally and spiritually. Her spunky, energetic personality became subdued and withdrawn. She stopped going for walks, was afraid of the backyard and no longer slept in my bed. I hoped Phoebe could tell me what was going on so I could do something about it and she did!

Phoebe’s gift was immediately evident when she connected with me at the beginning of the session. She described my personality and my inner workings with the precision of a clinician reading an MRI. Even though we had never met until that moment Phoebe knew me better than my family and closest friends. This gave me total confidence that whatever she said about Rue would be just as accurate, and it was.

The story is long, too long for a testimonial, but essentially Phoebe identified 3 causes of Rue’s behavior. All of them were lessons she was trying to teach me and ways she was trying to care for me. The most amazing part of it all was that once Rue was able to communicate all of these things via Phoebe, once I received the message, her behavior went back to normal IMMEDIATELY!! That night, for the first time in MONTHS, Rue picked up her ball and wanted to play. She slept in my bed that night and has been ever since.

Phoebe’s gift is priceless. Her authenticity and humility are tangible. Integrity of her level is rare. I am forever grateful!

Danielle Keough, Massachusetts


I found Phoebe Hoffman through Danielle MacKinnon’s school of Animal Communication. When my Service dog, Gabriel, was killed suddenly and tragically I knew I needed help. Phoebe is one of Danielle’s most respected practitioners. After the first phone session, during which Phoebe connected with Gabriel and communicated his continuing love for me, I set up regular appointments for several months until I could come to accept what had happened to Gabriel and reconcile any feelings that I was at fault for the way he died.  Phoebe’s communications with Gabe underscored and affirmed the belief that there is no death and that Gabriel would continue to love, protect, and help me from the other side.  Phoebe is a skilled and compassionate animal communicator. She keeps her appointments and follows up in a timely manner. I highly recommend Phoebe and I can vouch for her integrity and professionalism.

Chaplain Meg Spinella, Tolland, MA


When I contacted Phoebe it was to connect with my four legged fur baby, and little did I know but she also connected with me too, on a soul level that was so rewarding that someone actually got me and cared.   Her insight on how I am, how I feel and how I am perceived by others in this world was eerily spot on. Phoebe’s description of my pet’s relationship with me was delightful and brought back lovely memories that created warm and fuzzy tears. Her conclusion with Life Lessons was a very powerful learning tool that  I still reference today. I highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who is open to looking for answers on a soul level.

Joy Ferguson, Alpharetta, Georgia


I was privileged to recently have a reading by Phoebe about my dog Chewy that passed.  I have had numerous experiences with mediums and various communicators in the past and thus approached it with an open mind.  Even though it had been several years since he passed, she tapped right into his being.  I knew in the first minute that she was the real deal.  My open mind soon turned into a mind blowing experience with her accurate description of me, my dog and our relationship. The level of detail was incredibly accurate, and she delivered it in an honest and direct and compassionate way.  Through the reading I was able to understand things and shift some perspectives which has been extremely helpful on my journey. If you want to connect to an animal, on this or the other side, I would highly recommend Phoebe, the most accurate and articulate medium I have ever been too.

Eric Kolesar,  New Mexico
Higher Living Now


Phoebe is quite remarkable.  I’ve had readings before but none have been as in depth, and accurate, as was Phoebe’s.
I consulted with Phoebe about my year old Bichon puppy, Charlie.  He’s my third and I thought I had the breed figured out.  Charlie snapped my garter big time!
From my perspective, Phoebe’s ability to read both sides of the human/animal relationship is invaluable.  I like that she does not give you a checklist of what to do or how to feel.  She wisely leads you to understand the dynamics of the answer/solution you seek.  In the short amount of time since I talked with Phoebe, my understanding of the Karen/Charlie dynamic has prompted numerous behavior modifications for the better.
This was my first time talking to Phoebe but it will definitely not be my last!

Thank you, Phoebe.

Karen Beckwith, Roseville, CA

I’ve had two readings with Phoebe so far and pretty quickly into our first session, felt a connection with her as though we could be fast friends. She’s very easy to talk to and is gifted in providing both animal and human readings. She could see impressive levels of detail on both realms and easily articulate how my relationship with my pets mirrors what I’m experiencing in my personal human relationships. It was wonderful to be able to ask questions and “hear” what my dog, cat and another recently deceased cat had to tell and teach me. I’m grateful to have found Phoebe who, at an affordable rate, can be a wonderful resource to help me understand myself and feel closer to, and be a better parent to, my beloved furry babies.

Lily Bazargani, Phoenix, AZ


I had a 45 minute reading to gain some clarity about my dog who recently passed and I was completely blown away.  I was in awe of how accurate she was about me, my furbaby and our relationship together.  Not only was the reading validating to me, but also to the few people I confided in.  I have been dabbling and getting different readings for the past 20 years and hers was truly the most accurate.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me that I am hard to read but she nailed it!  Then, add the priceless gift of re-connecting with my precious Charlie Pickles – I have no words other than Thank you so very much!!!  Everything about Phoebe gives off such warmth, light and healing energy and I cannot recommend her enough. She is truly gifted. If you are looking for a compassionate, healing experience – look no further. I will certainly be contacting her again in the near future.

Christine Honeck , West Haven, CT


I spoke with Phoebe for 45 minutes and the time just flew by. I was nervous about my session since I’ve never done anything like this before. I was amazed at how Phoebe connected to my feelings and my personality. She was so in tune with describing me and how I feel. It was uncanny and amazing to me. I needed some peace on the passing of my beloved soul-mate, Max. She talked about our bond like she knew us personally. She described Max perfectly! I felt at ease speaking to Phoebe because of her kind and caring nature. I hope to speak to her again soon!

Jill Hefflefinger, South Carolina


I had my reading today with Phoebe and I am absolutely astounded by the connection she achieved with me and Marley, my most loving companion who just recently passed. Her descriptions were accurate and insightful. I came away with a great sense of peace and awe. I’m sure it will help me on my healing journey and highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and comfort in the loss of a pet.  Thank you Phoebe!

Christina Bertsos,  Florida


I had the chance of getting a reading by Phoebe a few months ago. I didn’t know what to expect but it was SO amazing! She talked about things from my past like the kind of kid I was while growing up and it’s as if she was a fly on the wall watching my life going by and was telling all kinds of things about myself that I know are true. All of her descriptions were spot-on. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was. She also told me some things about my future that I’m excited to see if they will come true.

Steven L.,  Monterrey, C.R.


Phoebe is truly an authentic human and animal intuitive. I’ve had readings with others and she is not even close to being in the same category. When I say this I mean she has a genuine gift. She hit on so many details and was so accurate that I was stunned. I am left with no doubt in my mind that she has a direct connection to a true source. I am filled with so much gratitude and emotion after her reading. I understand clearly my little animal, (dog) his reason for coming into my life and mine his. Phoebe has a gift and it can’t be denied in my book…

Leif Larson, Whitethorn, CA


I received the most amazing insight from Phoebe about my beautiful Border Collie Mya who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I felt she knew Mya as I did, but she also knew me. She put my mind at ease about how Mya passed which I am grateful for.
Phoebe was keenly aware of my feelings and I am planning another reading soon.
If you are considering this I would say contact Phoebe! You will be Amazed.

MaryAnn Nolfi,  Boardman, Ohio


I highly recommend Phoebe for intuitive readings involving both human and animal.  The unconditional love she has for animals is undeniable and she understands the bond between us.  I knew I could trust Phoebe with the love of my life, my dog, Molly.  Molly was experiencing behavioral issues and Phoebe understood her sensitivities and validated ending her time with a daycare.  Also some dietary changes and Molly is doing so much better.  Phoebe also had an uncanny  bird’s eye view of my life.  She saw the big picture and the small details.  During our second session, she used a metaphor that was validated a couple more times over the next couple day.  I took notice and made some changes.  Very accurate indeed!

I believe her natural gift as a “seer” combined with her innate wisdom of the nature of animals makes her a trustworthy and insightful reader.  I will return to Phoebe in future.

Safena Winfield, Vancouver BC


I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Phoebe to gain insight into the behavior of one of my felines, Little.  Phoebe spent a considerable amount of time connecting with me to gain a deeper understanding of the connection with my cat.  Phoebe’s reading was one of the most accurate and depthful assessments of my personality, gifts and challenges I have ever received from an intuitive.  She has a profound ability to tap into the heart of the matter and quickly determine what is going on. I was beyond impressed with her wisdom and intuitive abilities.  She shared very detailed and accurate insight into my cat and really helped me gain clarity on a behavior issue that was creating stress for me.  I plan to use Phoebe in the near future as I have several cats and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain deeper insight into what is going on for them individually or with their animal companion.  Thank you, Phoebe for such an outstanding reading!

Rebecca Kirson, Atlanta GA

Transformational Coach


I spoke with Phoebe for half an hour regarding my cat Bijou, who, unlike our many other cats, exhibits touch-phobic and stand-offish behavior.

Throughout the conversation Phoebe repeated the phrase “she loves you” several times.  I have to say that my conversation with Phoebe completely altered my relationship with Bijou.  I see the love that she expresses, often with a subtlety I had not previously noticed, and, consequently I am much more able to value and appreciate her unique forms of expression.

My conversation with Phoebe has become a touchstone to which I return, a reminder that love may not always look like we expect it to.

Kit Patten, Monterey, MA


I had the pleasure of having a reading with Phoebe.  Phoebe has a wonderful psychic gift and I found her to be very supportive and intuitive.  She quickly jumped in and described many areas of my personality quite accurately.  Phoebe also connected with my new kitten and mentioned (among other things) that he is very “tidy”.

Funny enough, we’ve had to try different cat litters because he is so adverse to fine litter, he hates it sticking to his paws.  Phoebe ended the reading with suggestions for me to “step out of my box” and go after my new hobby I’ve only been thinking about.  That encouragement is definitely welcomed and reaffirming.  My only suggestion for potential clients is to be very clear with questions up front because Phoebe has so much information to share, the reading just flew by. I enjoyed my reading with Phoebe very much and hope to have another!  Thanks, Phoebe!

Alex Dewey, RI


I am happy to recommend Phoebe as a very insightful reader who gave me marvelous information.  Recently I had a pet reading with her and during the reading she gave me information about myself as well as my pet Romeo.  The things she saw about me were “spot on” and it was like she knew me for years, when in fact we had never met.  She was able to describe my personality and home and even a pet phrase of mine – “Common sense isn’t so common”, which I say all the time!  Even the next day, as I reviewed my notes, I saw more and more of myself come through.  When she got to the reading on Romeo, she got his energy and habits down pat, and, more importantly, was able to describe to me a wound which I later found on his leg and was able to treat and heal.  This really made an impression on me and I would definitely recommend her if you would like a thoughtful and accurate reading for yourself and your pet.  Thanks Phoebe!

Grace Carcich, Asheville, NC


Going into my session with Phoebe I didn’t know what to expect.  I’d never done anything like this before – I’ve never even had my palms read!  I was open to whatever experience may come from this and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be as profound ad in depth as it was.  Overall, the experience was tranquil, beautiful and enlightening.  The knowledge I gained from Phoebe connecting with me and darling feline friend, Bubby, is cherished.  Phoebe touched some specific points while connecting with us that really brought the session to a deeper level.  Through this session I was able to understand my sweet vocal cat and understand myself better.  I would recommend Phoebe to anyone looking for a one of a kind  peaceful, heart warming and enlightening experience with their fur baby.

Allesandra Carranza, Sheffield, MA


As an animal lover living with a dog and two cats, I communicate with animals on a daily basis, and I found exploring my connection to my pets at a deeper level with Phoebe to be an enlightening and enriching experience.

A no-nonsense New Yorker like myself, Phoebe took a very straightforward approach during our talk.  Her sense of my persona was plain and honest; using metaphors, she was able to describe my essence with a sense of truth and clarity.

We focused our discussion on one of my cats, a rescue who was at least a couple of years old when he came to  live with me, whose past I knew very little about.  He is affectionate yet shy, and while I feel terribly close with him, I often find his behavior somewhat mysterious.  Bobo, my cat, spends a great deal of time hidden beneath blankets or sheets, anything he can crawl  under, for hours every day something my other cat never does.

Phoebe instinctively described Bobo’s burrowing habit and explained not only what makes him hide, but how his behavior mirrors aspects of my own life,  and how his actions are a means to convey his animal wisdom to me.

Doing a body scan of Bobo, Phoebe detected some discomfort he was having at the time which I was unaware, but later that day became apparent, and since has resolved itself.  Also, Bobo has a congenital deformity in his paws, which veterinarians have told me is not terribly uncommon, though I am often concerned may cause him pain.  Phoebe was able to put my mind at ease relating that Bobo is quite used to his condition, and it is not causing him any distress.

I found spending time with Phoebe to be valuable in helping me delve deeper into my link with my pet as well as giving me much food for thought regarding my own path in life.  I hope to see Phoebe again to discuss my other cat and my dog, and would highly recommend Phoebe to others who are seeking another channel of communication with their animal friend.

Michael Donaldson, NYC



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