After many months of fear, worry, and cautiousness, I contracted Covid.   I was so scared to get it that when I finally did, I was relieved.   I was surprised at this feeling because 1:  I thought my diligent, hygienic nature would protect me and 2:  I figured I could ride the pandemic out until there was a vaccine or herd immunity.  

The relief was strong at the initial realization that I was infected.  Then, that relief turned to fear once again knowing that this thing could not only possibly kill me, but could harm my organs at a later date.  With so much information overload regarding this virus, I didn’t know what to think and still don’t.

I am extremely lucky and filled with gratitude that I had a relatively mild case; no breathing difficulties or ongoing fever.  My symptoms consisted mainly of excruciating back pain, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell.   The absence of my sense of taste and smell was by far the most worrisome, especially because I had no idea how long it would last.  I kept reading about people who had not gotten it back at all, leading me to imagine the worst case scenario. 

It ended up returning within a week.  Not 100%, but enough to relax and enjoy food, one of the greatest pleasures of earthly existence.   As I recovered and finished my quarantine, a lightness set in.   The discomfort and disdain I felt walking around New York City dodging people wherever they happened to be was hard and very stressful.  Most people ignore social distancing protocols and I felt like I was always on the defense encountering them.

Now, I don’t react when someone comes too close or coughs near me.  I don’t like anyone invading my space in general, but now, I can breathe knowing I won’t be infected again, at least for a while and hopefully forever.

What helped me significantly is the way I eat.  I always eat foods that are filled with nutrients.  I avoid junk as much as possible and I eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods.  I had been preparing my immune system for a while beforehand which I can liken to an unconscious foreboding that it could happen to me.  I ceased drinking alcohol and increased foods like garlic, ginger, turmeric, and anything fermented.  I believe this helped me greatly; for many years I’ve been a confident proponent of food being medicine.

Now that I’ve fully recovered, I’m going to travel.  I will be in Costa Rica for the month of March, spending time with an incredible herd of horses.  I haven’t been in nature in quite some time, and I miss the connection of being around these highly intelligent, wise, intuitive beings.   I feel safe to get on a plane now.  I need to be with these horses.  They replenish my soul and my feelings of having a purpose in this world.  I’m excited and curious to see what’s going on with them and to receive the wisdom and introspection they inspire.

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