Bubby’s Choice

It was time to adopt a cat.   It had been a few months since my cat Moish passed and Archie was lonesome.  I went on the Humane Society’s website, something I did begrudgingly as I get so upset seeing so many homeless creatures, and quickly stopped when I saw the most beautiful face imaginable.  She was perfect, a senior cat who was waiting for a good home.  I made an appointment to meet her.  The drive to the shelter took about 45 minutes.    The woman in charge asked me a lot of questions and said that Bubby couldn’t be adopted yet because she needed to have surgery; she had never been spayed.  She also told me that Bubby didn’t want to live with other cats; my home really wasn’t suitable.  I left feeling dejected, thinking I would never see this cat again.  I was upset, but hoped she wouldn’t remain on my mind (or in the shelter) for long.

A few days later I got a call telling me that the surgery went well, but the veterinarian said she had never seen a cat with such a propensity for obesity.  I was again strongly discouraged by the shelter director, reasoning Bubby would greedily eat all of the food set out for two cats.  I was resigned; this really wasn’t meant to be.

About a month later I was at home, in a bad mood, having one of those days where unhappiness reigns supreme.  In an effort to cheer myself up I decided to drag myself out of bed and drive to the local outpost of the Humane Society in our town, a little boutique shelter called Purradise.  I walked in and who’s right there?  Bubby!!  She had been transferred just a couple of days before!  I wanted to know why.  The director explained that people come in to adopt kittens; senior cats are not as desired.  Bubby had been at the main shelter for a month and it was thought that she might fare better in a new setting.  The director said she would love for Bubby to be adopted by me.  Since I wasn’t expecting this turn of events, I still wasn’t convinced.  There was another cat there, a male, who I had my eye on.  He was staring at me with such a soulful gaze I decided he might be the one.  When he was removed from his “condo” to hang with me, he ran away quickly, wanting nothing to do with me whatsoever. The director kept telling me how wonderful Bubby was, and that I should really just take her.

I went back home to think about it, not wanting to succumb to any pressure right then and there.  An hour later I made my decision…. I was going to bring Bubby home.  And the rest is history.  She was waiting for me to return, and when I didn’t, she made the long trip to make sure she would see me again.  I am grateful to my angel for orchestrating this remarkable turn of events.

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