“My Cats” by Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski is my favorite poet.  I love Charles Bukowski.  Charles Bukowski loved cats.  He wrote many poems about cats; there is even a book of his collected poems about cats.  His poem “My Cats” is about what I believe and what I have been studying.  Cats are my teachers.

Bukowski On Cats Book Cover



Bukowski with ginger


My Cats

I know. I know.
they are limited, have different
needs and

but I watch and learn from them.
I like the little they know,
which is so

they complain but never
they walk with a surprising dignity.
they sleep with a direct simplicity that
humans just can’t

their eyes are more
beautiful than our eyes.
and they can sleep 20 hours
a day
hesitation or

when I am feeling
all I have to do is
watch my cats
and my

I study these

they are my

– Charles Bukowski






One thought on ““My Cats” by Charles Bukowski

  1. A lovely poem and so true.

    What I would to be able to sleep 20 hours straight, without any repercussions!

    I love cats but I love dogs and most all of God’s creatures 😘

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