Why I love seniors

Every animal I’ve had has been two things: rescued and a senior.  We live in a society that is solely focused on youth, and that even extends to pets.  So many people who decide to bring an animal into their home want puppies and kittens.  Of course, small, tiny animals are cute, but in my opinion, there’s nothing like adopting a dog or cat that already has a formed personality.  You also don’t have to deal with training them, having them climbing up walls, knocking stuff down, and bringing so much hectic, chaotic energy that can be stressful to all.  I understand that some people love the idea of having their child grow up with a dog to have 15 years with, but overall I wish age wasn’t such a deal breaker for so many.  In my perfect world, seniors would adopt seniors always.

The market of youth is so touted and catered to by every corporation that exists, whether it’s Hollywood, fashion, teachers, salespeople etc.  Growing old can be such an interesting, enlightening process of growth, depth, and beauty.  Unfortunately, our world tends to overlook all that can be offered from a person who’s lived longer and had more time to experience, just like animals.  When I found my cat Moish out in the street on a bitter cold Manhattan evening, I thought from looking at him that he couldn’t have been more than a couple of years old.  Boy, was I wrong!  The three different veterinarians that examined him all had different assessments of his age.  One said 8, another said 13, and the last one who was there when Moish was euthanized said 18.   In the end it didn’t matter; Moish was in my life for a year and eight months, but what a time we had.  He was the best possible cat I could have wanted.  Even though I ended up not having nearly as much time with him as I would’ve liked, I couldn’t be prouder that he found me when he did.

It’s often said that when a woman gets to a certain age she becomes invisible.  Same with animals.  They sit there in their cages waiting to love and be loved.  I for one know how important it is for all animals to live in a great home with people who love and care for them no matter if they’re a day old or 15 years old.  I just wish more humans felt the same way.

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