Would you think Beethoven was a better composer if he had a master’s degree?

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Many years ago, while in my teens and early twenties, I went to acting school.  I attended the high school of performing arts (the Fame school) in Manhattan.  I also went to other schools that had prestigious reputations.  I noticed early on how many people weren’t that talented, yet, they were endlessly encouraged to persist in a field where chances were slim to none they would end up as a working actor.  They would rack up credentials to fill their resumes with.  Meanwhile, plenty of brilliant actors didn’t need a single acting class to shine.  In my opinion, you either had it or didn’t and if you were in the second category it didn’t matter how much Shakespeare you performed, you weren’t improving.  I also attended a writing class and it was the same experience.  Week after week people would read their stories clinging to the hope they would soon be discovered and could eke out an existence where writing paid their bills.  I would sit there astonished at how boring and unoriginal so much of their writing was and then be shocked and dismayed when the teacher would tell them how fabulous their creation was.   When practicing an art, whether music, writing, painting, acting or even intuition, it doesn’t matter how many seals or degrees you have, what matters is the experience you provide to another.  In fact, I think too much professional guidance tends to lay waste to an ability that comes naturally without force.  Someone can’t really learn to be psychic or communicate with dead people.  Sure, you can learn to improve and have structure that is beneficial, but just because someone has attended twenty different programs doesn’t necessarily mean they are more gifted.  Personally, when I have an interest, instead of paying someone to teach it to me, I read.  Never underestimate the power of books.  People who have studied long and hard and have done copious amounts of research can teach me with their words of wisdom.   I don’t feel the need to have a long resume or a lot of letters after my name to prove I’m capable.

The world is full of people trying to succeed.  Success can mean many different things depending on how you view it.  When it comes to someone wanting to be an expert in any given field, most will find a program or course that will teach them how to do what it is they want and desire.   In the realm of spirituality, everywhere you look, there are loads of online schools that promote ways you can learn anything: astrology, past-life regression, tarot, mediumship, Reiki, Shamanism, etc.  These new age modalities appeal to many and rightly so.  In a universe shrouded in mystery there is so much unknown, unexplainable, fascinating phenomena.  Between books, podcasts, webinars, lectures and workshops, there has never been a time when so much access is granted to so many to pursue the esoteric.  All this is great, but it comes with a catch.  When students who feel compelled to explore these topics (with the hope of establishing a professional practice), and have the time and means to indulge, the end result is often mediocrity, because many of these seekers are strongly encouraged by teachers who ooze positivity while stuffing their own purses.

Animals don’t need any education at all.  They’re perfectly brilliant just the way they are. And, they never have to prove a thing.



One thought on “Would you think Beethoven was a better composer if he had a master’s degree?

  1. Phoebe, I knew you were a natural born psychic the moment I met you. You didn’t need anything except for the time and space to do it.


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